13+ Gemini Nails That Perfectly Capture Your Mercurial Spirit!

Feeling indecisive about your next mani? As a multifaceted Gemini, boring, one-note nails just won’t cut it. But finding designs that capture your cosmic duality is a challenge. Cue our guide to the most mesmerizing Gemini nail art! From celestial gems to yin-and-yang motifs, these manicures will showcase the many facets of your brilliant personality. Get ready to shine! Best Gemini Nail Designs 2024 #1 Lavender Floral Swirl Nails These nails showcase an elegant lavender base with delicate white swirls and accents resembling floral designs. The intricate swirling patterns give the nails a feminine, romantic flair. What you’ll need: #2 …

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